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Google Rank Tracking Tool: How to Track Your Website Ranking?

Table of Contents

  • Introduction to Google rank tracking tool
  • Why Use Google Rank Tracking Tools
  • Brief intro to ESL Ranks Pro
  • What are features and benefits of ESL Ranks Pro
  • How to track your website’s ranking using ESL Ranks Pro
  • Common Mistakes to Avoid When Tracking Rankings
  • The Future of Rank Tracking

Introduction to the Google rank tracking tool

Google keyword ranking, often referred to as “keyword ranking” or keyword position, refers to the position of a website or webpage on Google search results for a specific keyword or phrase. The higher the ranking of your website, the better its chances of being viewed and clicked on by the targeted searchers.

Search engines like Google rank web pages based on various factors such as keyword relevance, user engagement, etc. The top three results on Google search engine result pages usually receive the most organic traffic, so it’s important to optimize your website for the right keywords.

Why use Google rank tracking tools?

Finding the ranking is an important step in evaluating the website’s visibility and performance in the Google search results. However, tracking a website’s Google keyword rankings manually is a tedious and time-consuming process. It is not just impractical but also prone to errors and biases.

Rank tracking tools are a great alternative to manual tracking as they automate the whole process and make it more quick, easy, and accurate. These tools enable users to track rankings for multiple keywords simultaneously, saving tons of time and effort.

A brief intro to RanksPro page

RanksPro is a rank tracking tool that makes it simple and fast to monitor the position and performance of your website or specific web pages in search engine result pages.

The tool is designed to help seasoned SEO professionals and digital marketers mount the SERPs with precision and confidence. This free Google rank checker tool will help you get the ranking data you need to make your SEO move in the right direction.

What are the features and benefits of ESL Ranks Pro? 

Monitoring the rank of your website on search engine results (SERPs) is essential to formulate solid SEO strategy. ESL Ranks Pro is a rank tracking tool that suit most budgets and set of requirements. Here are some of its salient features and benefits:


Keyword position in Google

ESL Ranks Pro allows users to know a website’s ranking for chosen keywords across Google. It provides precise and up-to-date information on keyword positions, so you can find your top traffic-generating keywords.

ESL Ranks Pro provide up-to-date information on keyword position

Ranking trend analysis

It is easy to monitor periodic changes in the ranking for each keyword as well as track and visualize changes in a website’s ranking over time. It enables users to easily identify which keywords are showing improvement or decline, so they can plan their digital marketing strategy accordingly.

ESL Ranks pro monitor periodic changes in the ranking for each keyword

Historical data

Users can quickly view the historical data of their website’s position for a specific keyword. It takes just a few clicks to get valuable historical data on domains and keywords and analyze it for previous months.

You can view the historical data of their website’s position for a specific keyword

Search volume

It allows the user to know the monthly search volume for each keyword over a given period of time. It helps users make an informed decision by focusing on keywords with high search volume to set their priorities. The accuracy and volume of keyword data make it a valuable SEO tool for users.

ESL Ranks pro allows the user to know the monthly search volume for each keyword over a given period of time

Multiple locations

Users can track rankings at the country level or specify their target country. It allows you to track your site’s ranking across 150+ countries, and in multiple languages. It will help you to effectively track and monitor rank region-wise so you can make effective local SEO strategies.

Users can track rankings at the country level or specify their target country

Competitors’ rankings

It allows users to view the full picture by comparing competitors’ keyword positions, so you can easily see all the shifts in top ranking for your own site and your competitors.

You can easily see all the shifts in top ranking of your competitors.

Export data 

You can export the data from ESL Ranks Pro to a variety of formats, including CSV and Excel. This makes it easy to share your data with others or use it for further analysis.

You can export the data from ESL Ranks Pro to a variety of formats, including CSV and Excel

Customer support

ESL Ranks Pro is backed by a proactive customer support team that responds quickly to all queries and grievances. They also post tutorials and blogs on how to effectively use this tool, as well as other updates in the SEO world.

ESL Ranks Pro is backed by a proactive customer support team

Pay for what you want to use

ESL Ranks Pro offers varied pricing plans, such as the Forever Free plan, the Starter plan, and the Pro plan. You can try rank tracking using ESL Ranks Pro for free, but with limited access. Paid plans allow users to unlock more features and capabilities. You only pay for the number of keywords and domains you want to track, without any hidden costs.


Get instant and accurate ranking data

It allows you to get up to date ranking report with the keyword and traffic progress estimates.

Accurate ranking data

Keep an eye on your competitors

It helps you to add competitors, so you can find website position of your competitors alongside, and see how you are stacking up against them.

A man is keeping an eye on competitors

Monitor ranking frequency

Keep track of your website’s average ranking and observe which keywords and pages have improved or declined in the SERPs.

keep track of your website ranking frequency

Analyze the rankings for both desktop and mobile

It makes it easy for the users to track the rankings of website and keywords on both desktop and mobile devices to determine which one is bringing in more visitors.

A person can track the ranking of website on both desktop and mobile devices

Deepen your understanding of keyword metrics

Conduct keyword research to gain an overview of the volume, difficulty, and cost of clicks for a certain keyword, as well as keyword suggestions and trends.

Learn more about keyword metrics

Keyword ranking history

One can easily obtain keyword ranking history across all the major search engines to evaluate site’s performance over time.

Assess a site's performance over time, one may easily retrieve the term ranking history across all major search engines

Get a comprehensive site overview

It shows a detailed website analysis that provides you insights into monthly organic keywords your site is ranking for, monthly inbound traffic, and top keywords’ positions on SERP.

Get a comprehensive site overview

Gain actionable insights

It keeps you updated with not just your SERP ranking but also traffic estimates, and site performance.  It provides valuable data and insights to make data driven decisions to improve your SEO strategy.

Provides valuable data and insights to make data driven decisions to improve your SEO strategy

How to track your website’s ranking using ESL Ranks Pro?

ESL Ranks Pro makes it easy and quick to track how a website is performing on Google by tracking its ranking and other valuable data. It is an easy-to-use to tool that can be used even by SEO beginners. Here is the step-by-step procedure to use ESL Ranks Pro for tracking rankings.

Step 1 :  Click on rank tracking below the dashboard as shown in the image below.

Track your website ranking using ESL Ranks Pro ranking tool

Step 2: The next step is to provide the name of the URL for which you want to track ranking and its location.

Enter the name url and location

Step 3: Add competitors  

Next up is adding competitors to your project to gain insights into how your competitors are performing.

Adding competitors to your project to gain insights into how your competitors are performing

Step 4: Adding and grouping keywords

The next step is to enter the keywords you want to track. You can enter them one at a time, or you can import them from Excel or a CSV file.

Enter the keywords you want to track

Once you’ve completed these simple steps, your project will be fully set up, and now you can track ranking and make the most of its other features to gain valuable insights for SEO.

ESL Ranks pro page

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Common mistakes to avoid when tracking rankings

Your website’s ranking is an important factor in measuring your SEO performance. Even if you have used the best tools and techniques, there are some common mistakes that must be avoided to move your rank tracking efforts in the right direction.

Define clear goals

Establishing your SEO goals must be the first and foremost step in measuring your performance. If your goals are not clearly defined, all your efforts may go in vain. Knowing what you aim to achieve helps you interpret your data effectively.

Misunderstanding keyword importance

Your choice of keywords can make or break your SEO campaign. Your chosen SEO keywords used in the content must align with your brand, products, services, and the user’s search intent. This is why conducting extensive keyword research is necessary. Only then will you be able to craft an effective SEO strategy that helps you create a detailed plan of action to attain your goals.

One must keep in mind that some keywords are more significant than others. Here are some tips in this regard:

  • Choose more relevant and high-volume keywords to fetch better results instead of focusing on semantic or related keywords.
  • Long-tail keywords are able to drive targeted traffic, however, it is important not to solely depend on them and to track the performance of the keywords.

Over-relying on rank as the sole performance metric

Rank is a key metric to judge SEO performance, but it is not the sole determinant of the success of your SEO efforts. One must also track other metrics such as click-through rate (CTR), organic traffic, and conversions. You can use tools like Google Analytics to correlate ranking with other website traffic data, such as user behavior and conversions, to get a better idea.

Not considering localized or personalized search results

Search results can vary depending on the user’s location and other factors. Google considers localized or personalized results when ranking a website. It may consider various factors in this regard, such as location, language, search history, and other factors. Especially if your business has local customers, you must track local SEO rankings.

Not tracking your rankings regularly

You should track your rankings on a regular basis so that you can identify any changes and take corrective action as needed. However, you must avoid obsessively checking your ranking on a daily basis.

SEO requires patience, strategy, and expertise to get the desired results. Most SEO professionals check rankings on a weekly or monthly basis. Choose the right period as per your goals and needs, and make sure to track rankings regularly within the set period.

Track your rankings on different devices

Several studies have now proven that the majority of people use smart phones to search for content, suppliers, products, and services. If you don’t track mobile ranking separately, you may not get a clear picture of your SEO performance. You can use rank tracking tools such as ESL Ranks Pro that show both desktop and mobile search results.

Lack of patience

SEO requires patience, apart from strategy, knowledge, and expertise. Thus, it is important to have patience to reap the benefits of it. There are many factors that affect the ranking of your website, such as your backlink profile, quality of content, and overall authority of your website. It will take time to improve the performance by working on all important factors, so one must be patient and give their SEO efforts time to bring results.

Keep everyone aligned on the SEO strategy

It is easier to see potential problems if everyone is aware of the SEO strategy and the metrics being monitored. For instance, the SEO team can collaborate with the content team to raise the quality of the material if the website’s keyword ranks are declining.

 It will facilitate communication and collaboration within the team. Thus,everyone working on the strategy must be updated regularly with the goals, metrics, and performance to make sure everyone is aligned on the strategy.

The SEO industry is ever-evolving due to a number of changes, such as the use of smart devices, changes in people’s demands and preferences, the rise of voice search and social media, and the use of AI and machine learning in SEO. Thus, it is very important to keep yourself abreast of the latest changes in the industry to track SEO performance effectively. 

The future of rank tracking

The impact of AI and machine learning on rank tracking

AI and machine learning have revolutionized the way SEO is conducted and have had a huge impact on rank tracking as well. They are capable of providing more accurate rate results by analyzing search engine results and website ranking data. They are also able to recognize trends that humans may miss.

Like all other SEO fields, AI is now popularly used for rank tracking. It makes things faster, quicker, and more accurate than manual rank tracking methods. By automating the tedious process of rank tracking, it helps businesses save time, energy, and effort.

Like all other SEO fields, AI is now popularly used for rank tracking. It makes things faster, quicker, and more accurate than manual rank tracking methods. By automating the tedious process of rank tracking, it helps businesses save time, energy, and effort.

Because time is the resource

Entrepreneurs know the value of time. They know that time is a resource. Manual rank tracking is time-consuming. AI tools can do the same task of tracking and analyzing rankings with incredible speed and accuracy.

Because it requires mastering the skills of SEO to do it manually

Manual rank tracking requires professional expertise and years of experience to do it the right way. However, when you are a novice, say, a website owner with little SEO knowledge, you can still use AI tools with minimal input and get the results instantly. Of course, it cannot replace the need for SEO expertise, but it can give you a basic idea of how your website is ranking over the given period of time.

Because AI is not biased

Most humans are naturally biased to varied degrees; however, that doesn’t mean they always give biased views. However, AI tools are not biased, make fewer errors than humans, and can make better data-based decisions. Once it learns how to do something, it can keep doing it repeatedly without fatigue.

Because AI is more efficient

Humans have certain physical limitations when it comes to exerting physical effort. AI can provide more volume in comparison to humans. It can make you track many times more keywords than humans within the same period of time. They can also instantly update them whenever there are changes in the industry, so you can always get the updated results.

Because AI can provide real-time data

AI is more efficient than humans at providing real-time data, so businesses can act faster when there are changes in the market or even the industry. The lack of bias and the impact of real-time updates make AI data more accurate than human data.

The importance of tracking other metrics in conjunction with rank

One of the SEO industry’s biggest challenges has remained the same: not knowing exactly how Google ranks and promotes web pages. SEO experts now understand Google’s ranking factors, but they have yet not succeeded in eliciting all the secrets to reaching the top rankings in SERPs.

Measuring your clients marketing metrics is a crucial aspect of the role of any marketing agency, and digital marketing is no exception. However, as it takes time to reap the benefits of search engine optimization, it is often challenging to track SEO performance.

Your clients may underestimate the value of your efforts without consistent monitoring and reporting of the impact of your efforts over the given period of time. Thus, it is important for an SEO agency to regularly track SEO performance so as to provide clients with tangible evidence of that progress.

Google has more than two hundred ranking factors, and all of them are not publicized. If you measure each of them to know if your website is performing well, you will gain more confusion than clarity. However, there are certain metrics that are crucial to measuring the success of your strategy.

The choice of metrics varies from one business to another as the goals and SEO success differ from client to client. Thus, it is important to figure out your clients’ goals so you can choose metrics accordingly. For instance, one client may want to increase their organic traffic, while another may want higher ranks. 

Thus, in order to choose the right metrics to measure your SEO efforts in alignment with the client’s goals, it is good to ask the following questions:

  • What are your long-term business goals?
  • What are your current challenges?
  • What are your expectations from SEO (e.g., more foot traffic at a physical store location, increased online sales)?

 An SEO expert must use above mentioned questions to create a strategy and a plan of action to decide on applicable SEO analytics.

Have a scalable system for tracking metrics

No matter which SEO metrics you decide to use in your SEO strategy for a client, you will needto shift to a multi-metric tracking system to determine SEO success. One should invest in a scalable SEO metrics tool to monitor and track data insights, which are key to identifying which strategies are working and which aren’t.

How rank tracking tools like ESL Ranks Pro may evolve in the future? 

Rank tracking is an essential aspect of search engine optimization, and AI and machine learning are presently playing a key role in making it easily detectable, accurate, and facilitating predictive analysis. Here are some ways rank tracking tools may evolve in the future by using AI and machine learning capabilities.

  • As Google and other search engines are constantly improving their algorithms, rank tracking tools will be quick to adapt to them and provide accurate and timely data using sophisticated data collection and analysis techniques.
  • AI-based rank tracking tools will account for more personalized search results in the future and provide tailored insights on ranking data. These models will also be able to predict future rankings on the basis of past trends and data. It proves to be helpful for SEO professionals, as they can change their strategies accordingly.
  • Rank tracking tools will become more integrated with other SEO tools in the future, such as keyword research tools and backlink analysis tools. It will make it easier for SEO professionals to get an all-inclusive view of the SEO performance of any site.
  • Rank tracking tools will be required to have more user-friendly interfaces that make it easy to track rankings and identify trends on different devices. For instance, ESL Ranks Pro makes it easy to view rankings on mobile as well as desktop.

Thus, rank tracking tools like ESL Ranks Pro will become more powerful with a more sophisticated structure and user-friendly features to help SEO professionals quickly, easily, and accurately track website rankings as well as other metrics and make better decisions to increase their website rankings.

Closing thoughts

A rank tracking tool makes it easy, quick, and practical to assess your SEO performance. These tools provide valuable insights to evaluate your SEO strategy and prune it to achieve the desired outcomes. ESL Ranks Pro is an intuitive and easy-to-use rank tracking tool. With its fast, power-packed capabilities, this tool is your one-stop solution for your entire requirement of keeping a daily track of your keyword and domain ranking. It provides valuable insights and key metrics to accurately improve rankings and leap ahead of competitors in the SEO game. 

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