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ESL Ranks Pro – Guide on Using the Advanced Rank Tracking Tool to Elevate Your SEO Game


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Is your SEO progress right on track as you expected? Are your keywords ranking well than last week, month, or even yesterday? How much your site has progressed in ranking and traffic as compared to your competitors in the last month?

Do you have such quantifiable metrics as your hand? If you don’t have one, then how you are measuring SEO performance? With no calculable metrics, your SEO practice isn’t going anywhere. It is more of a guess-and-apply game, which won’t last in today’s times.

Why Do You Need a Rank Tracking Tool?

If you got concerned by reading the above questions with no clear answer at your hand, then you know the answer. A rank tracking tool helps to solve all those challenges by providing you with accurate, measurable, and real-time data that gives you insight into where you stand at the moment with your SEO strategy.

ESL Ranks Pro – A One-Stop Solution for Your Entire Rank Tracking, Traffic Estimate, and SEO Performance Needs

ESL Ranks Pro is designed by eSearch Logix professionals, backed by expertise and experience gained over the years. The tool is exactly what you need to keep a detailed check on how your SEO campaigns are performing. It helps you monitor your site as it moves up and down SERP ranking, and track how much inbound organic traffic is generated, thus providing you helpful data insights and visual overviews to craft your strategies further.

In simple words – It helps you track your site ranking on search results, get traffic estimates, observe your competitors’ ranking, and keep up with keyword trends.

Features of ESL Ranks Pro Tool

  • Real-time ranking data result
  • Check ranking daily
  • Check ranking based on keywords as well as page URLs
  • Get ranking results for both desktop and mobile site
  • The tool supports location-based rank checking, for over 150+ countries
  • Multiple language ranking tracking support
  • Monitor ranking frequency and average positioning of your site
  • Visualized result chart helps to distinguish high and low-performing aspects
  • Statistics on keyword difficulty and search volume
  • Ranking history for any particular keyword or URL

How to Use ESL Ranks Pro to Monitor Ranking and Track Site SEO Performance?

The first thing to note is that your ranking isn’t consistent for all the pages, or all the targeted keywords. Your homepage might be ranking on the 1st page, while a specific product might rank on the 2nd page. Similarly, for two different keywords, your page may rank in different positions. Thereby it becomes apparent that to get a detailed analysis of your site’s ranking, you have to track them individually. The same goes for when you are analyzing how your site ranks in the USA versus how it ranks in the UK, and so forth.

So now, let’s get to how easily and effectively you can use the ESL Ranks Pro tool (it takes only a few minutes). And yes, you don’t have to be a tech expert to use the tool; a beginner can get adapted and get started to the ranking tool easily.

Step 1: Register on the Site

You have to register on the site first, which takes only a minute. You need to provide your name and mail-id, create the password, and fill in a referral code if you have one. You are done.

Remember that there are multiple pricing plans for using the tool. However, you can opt for a 7-day free trial at first if you want to, and then upgrade.

Step 2: Sign in and Access the Dashboard

Now upon signing in, you will be taken to the dashboard. It is an intuitive, all-in-one panel wherein you can access and analyze everything related to your SEO campaign’s performance:

Step 3: Add Your Project

Click on ‘Add project’, and you will be taken to the dashboard for adding your website, wherein you have to enter your website URL and project name

Step 4: Select Language and Location

Now pick and language as per your preference. For example, if you want to track the ranking of your site in the USA for the English language version of your site, select ‘United States’ as the location and ‘English’ as the language hit ‘Enter’.

Step 5: Add Keyword

Now you can add keywords and also select whether you want to track the ranking of your site for the desktop version, mobile, or both. You can also import keywords from CSV file. Fill in the keyword and then enter. You can add more keywords to your list. Once you select the device, fill in your keyword(s), hit enter, and then click on ‘Submit’.

Step 6: Get Ranking Data & More

Now, it will take you to the Home Page. Select the Tab – ‘Rank Tracking’ and it will show you the ranking report and progress of your URL and keyword.

By default, you will get one month ranking report. However, you can change that to 1 week, 3 months, 6 months, or even a year.

You can also check for ranking specific to a particular device. You can also delete keywords, add keywords, analyze the rank trend, and also export the data in a CSV file.

The visualized chart also helps to assess the average ranking for the selected keywords.

Apart from Rank Tracking you can click on other tabs and view keyword trends, assess backlinks and traffic, along with site audit.


Using ESL Ranks Pro is as fast and easy as it can. This tool provides all the essential metrics to analyze your SERP performance as well as get better and more detailed insights and you can also evaluate keyword trends to boost your SEO strategies.

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