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Top 10 SEO Rank Tracking & Monitoring Tools – Free & Paid


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If you want your SEO strategy to succeed, you have to know where you stand in terms of online visibility, search engine result pages (SERPs) ranking, and inbound traffic metrics. And all this requires regularly tracking and monitoring your rank as well as other key SEO insights. However, all this can take a lot of time if you are doing this manually, the time which can be well spent on your core SEO strategies and practices. And the approach or method you apply may not always give you all the information at once as you would rely on multiple sources to collate your data.

This is where an SEO rank-tracking tool comes to your aid. They scout information from a range of sources including search engines, browsers, and analytics database to present you with accurate and all the information on your dashboard, in a matter of seconds. How cool is that? Yes, and this can help you extract all the key information that you need to strategize your SEO accordingly to get better results.

What is a Rank Tracking Tool or Software?

A rank tracker is a program designed to track search engine rankings of a webpage based on targeted keywords. This tool provides information related to your site’s ranking over a period of time, and help you analyze your top-ranking keywords, and show traffic estimates for your site. Not just rank tracking, but this tool can also help you conduct site analysis and audit to review how your webpages are performing, and how your ranking is fluctuating on targeted keywords and helps you delve deep into keyword trends to refine your SEO strategy.

Why Using a Rank Tracker Tool is Important for Every SEO Professional?

The first and foremost reason for using the rank tracker tool is – The better you are able to monitor your site’s ranking and SEO performance, the better you can plan your SEO implementation. Having precise information about where you stand against your competitors in SERPs, and gaining a more accurate analysis and insights on key metrics is what you need to make informed choices for your SEO efforts.

An SEO rank tracker tool is essential for your website’s success:

  • You keep a daily track of your site’s SERP position with accurate information
  • You get to know which are high and low-performing keywords
  • You keep an eye on your competitors and identify which keywords they are ranking well, to further dig deep into their content strategy
  • Get an overview of your content’s performance and implement methods to improve that
  • The visualized graph data presented by the rank tracker makes it easier to analyze your site’s key metrics
  • Assess where your traffic is coming from and from where your competitors
  • By using a rank tracking tool, you have all the insights ready without wasting much time, which you can put into your SEO efforts

Top 10 SEO Rank Tracker Tools

Now, as you know the worth of using a rank tracking tool, here comes the important question – Which tool to use? Here, we list down the top 10 rank tracking tools (not in any specific order), which you can analyze and see which one fits your need and budget the best.

#1. page

A new launch from the renowned and reputable SEO company, eSearch Logix, ESL Ranks Pro makes rank tracking and monitoring convenient, quick, and easy with its fast, power-packed capabilities. The tool is a one-stop solution for your entire requirement of keeping a daily track of your keyword and domain ranking. It also provides you with detailed site analysis and site audit, so that you can get insights and key metrics that will help you up your SEO strategy with accurate data at your disposal.

With a simple interface, you can start using the ESL Ranks Pro rank tracking tool in a few minutes. The sleek dashboard provides you with a complete understanding of the tool. You can set up multiple projects and add and modify keywords and URLs to check for your rank positioning. You can also keep track of your competitors’ performance with complete rank tracking and site analysis for their SEO metrics.


  • Fast-loading rank tracker software that delivers accurate results in a few seconds
  • Graphical data that provides you with visualized insights, easy to grasp and take key comprehensions from
  • Track and monitor keyword ranking across 150+ countries
  • Keyword rank tracking for both mobile and desktop site versions
  • Segmented keyword rank positions that show keywords ranking in the top 3, top 10, and top 100 positions separately
  • Detailed metrics on keywords that have moved up and moved down
  • Assess the average ranking of the keyword with a graphical chart showing the fluctuation in the position
  • Accurate data of your organic inbound monthly traffic
  • You can compare organic versus paid traffic data
  • Get an estimation of your backlinks, to help look for broken links and plan your link-building strategy
  • Detailed keyword metrics with keyword trends will help you identify and pick the most suitable keywords for your SEO campaigns


The tool comes with a forever free plan, which you can use to track ranking for 1 domain with a limitation of 15 keywords per month. The paid plans start from $5 per month, and go up to $39 per month for the premium features – This tool comes with feature-packed capability but at much lower pricing as compared to other tools in this list.

#2. SEMRush


A renowned name in the field of SEO for analytics, the Semrush Position Tracking tool is built to provide you with information regarding your site’s ranking, competitor analysis, ranking distribution, featured snippets, and more.

You can start using Semrush by setting up your campaign by filling in URL, keywords, and location, and it will provide you with relevant data on the tool dashboard.


  • It shows ranking data of the top 100 results, with average rank position, along with daily site traffic. The data can be viewed in visualized as well as numerical format.
  • In your campaigns, you can tag and group the keywords
  • You can track ranking for desktop and mobile
  • The ranking data can be exported in a PDF format, and you can also set up email alerts
  • Its ‘Share of Voice’ feature for premium users provides data showing the site’s performance for all the combined searches


You can use the Semrush tool for free with a limited capability of one SEO project and 10 keywords. For more features, their paid plans start at $119.95 per month.

#3. Moz Pro

Moz Pro

Another big entity in the SEO domain, Moz Pro offers a whole suite of SEO tools, and not surprisingly they have a Rank Tracking tool also. You can use Moz Pro Rank Tracking tool to set up campaigns by defining your keywords, devices, and locations. Additionally, you can also add your competitors to the campaigns which makes it easy to assess your performance against theirs.


  • Accurate keyword ranking data presented in a matter of few seconds
  • Get historical data of your keyword positions in the graphical format
  • It provides a suggestion for new keywords also
  • Compare your data against your competitors quickly
  • You can also set up long-tail keyword-based campaigns
  • Get key insights on SEO content and link building


Its standard plan starts at 99$ per month, and goes up to $599 per month for the premium plan.

#4. Ahrefs


Another notable name in the SEO industry, this rank tracking tool has a similar interface and capabilities as that of Semrush and Moz Pro. However, what makes it unique to them is its SERP features which help you identify where you are ranking concerning search result page elements like thumbnails, ‘people also ask’, knowledge cards, and more.

You can track and monitor your ranking with a visual data result that makes it easy to assess the information. You can also compare your SEO performance against your competitors presented in a graphical format.


  • Rank tracking for SERP features
  • Highly interactive visualized form data
  • Competitor rank tracking and analysis
  • Location-specific SERP feature data
  • Setup email alerts for your rank tracking and site performance reports


The Ahrefs rank tracking tool comes with a starter plan of $99 per month.

#5. SE Ranking

SE ranking

SE Ranking is another popular rank tracker tool that provides an all-in-tool SEO capability suite. Its interface is sleek, data accuracy is high, and is fast loading as well. Apart from search engine rank tracking, you can also conduct a site audit, analyze backlinks, conduct keyword research, and content optimization research, has an on-page checker, and have lots of other features as well.

You can use this tool to track and monitor your ranking performance not only Google, but Bing, Yahoo, and YouTube as well.


  • Track ranking specifying country, city, and zip code, for desktop and mobile devices
  • Get scheduled reports right in your inbox
  • It also includes a guest link through which you can share the ranking data with your client in one-click
  • Compare your SEO ranking with your competitors for up to 20 keywords at once
  • Monitor your keyword ranking on a daily basis, every 3 days, or week


It provides a 14-day free trial, and the paid plans start at $39.2/month paid annually.

#6. Wincher


Wincher is a simple, yet feature-rich rank tracking tool which provides high-end capabilities for daily rank tracking. Starting and using this tool is pretty simple and you can set up the projects and add your team members to that. For a single domain, you can also add up to 10 competitors at no additional cost to track and monitor them and assess your performance against theirs.


  • Get rank tracking data which can be refreshed on-demand
  • It provides insightful data with easy-to-read reports
  • Track and monitor ranking based on a particular country, city, or region
  • Track ranking across multiple search engines
  • It provides you a notification when your competitor overtakes you


The plans start at $39 per month with a capping of 500 keyword tracking per day. It also provides a free trial period.

#7. Nightwatch


Another standalone daily rank tracker like Wincher, Nightwatch is known for its high accuracy and support for various search engines.

You can track rank tracking across your chosen location. It also provides support for identifying new keyword phrases, along with SEO through which you can gain insight into SEO issues and get improvement suggestions.


  • Fetches data from over 100,000 data centers
  • Highly useful for local SEO rank tracking across cities and regions
  • Keyword discovery tool to provide you with key keyword phrase suggestions
  • Get data through white-labeled reports
  • Support for all the major search engines


The plans start at $32 per month with 250 keyword rank tracking daily.

#8. SERPWatcher


A part of the all-in-one SEO platform of Mangools, SERPWatcher is a daily rank tracking tool that provides an easy interface and enhanced capabilities. The interface is what makes it worth trying, with a single screen displaying all the critical data. Another important thing about this tool is its performance index which provides you with key metrics and insight into your site’s whole SEO effectiveness and not just keyword ranking.


  • This tool makes use of over 50,000 centers for localized data to help in getting local SEO ranking details as well as improve local SEO strategies
  • Provides data in simple but insightful visualized graph form
  • Get reports setting up email alerts and can also generate shareable reports
  • Track and monitor ranking based on country, state, and region for both mobile and desktop site


The plans start at $29.90 per month for daily tracking of up to 200 keywords.

#9. Authority Labs

Authority Labs

With white-label capabilities, this rank tracking tool is also a great choice for SEO professionals and digital marketing companies. You can automate daily rank tracking for mobile and local. It provides a provision to add unlimited users, through which you can add your team members. A key aspect of Authority Labs is that it provides information on keywords ‘not provided’ which you encounter with other rank tracking tools.


  • White-label reports which you can customize by adding your company’s branding, logo, and colors
  • You can add ranking data, rich snippets, and keyword search volume to your reports
  • It provides capabilities to integrate your data with Search Console
  • Updates with daily keyword ranking changes
  • Automate daily and mobile rank tracking
  • Conduct competitor rank tracking


The plans start at $49 per month for daily rank monitoring of up to 250 keywords. You can also get started with a 14-day free trial.



Serpstat is an all-in-one SEO tool that provides complete functionality of keyword rank tracking. Being an all-in-one SEO tool, it means you can combine your rank tracking with keyword research, competitor analysis, backlink research as well as a website audit.

This keyword rank tracking tool is also great for tracking and monitoring local search rankings, and you can get scheduled ranking data daily, weekly or monthly.


  • Track keyword ranking as well as conduct other functions like backlink analysis, keyword research, site audit, keyword metrics, and more
  • Lets you view and assess the search term position changes, group the keywords, and compare your result with the competitors
  • Comes with an intuitive dashboard and provides visualized form reports
  • The graphical form data provides detailed insights into how your SEO is performing


It comes with a free trial period, and the plans start at $55 per month.

So, Which Rank Tracking Tool Are You Going to Try?

You should take your time to assess, analyze and deeply understand your requirements and match that with the tool’s capabilities. The right and ideal tool for you is one that:

  • Is easy to use
  • Provides accurate rank-tracking data
  • Supports multiple locations
  • Lets you keep track of and monitor ranking across mobile and desktop
  • Provides graphical form data for ranking result
  • Provides historical rank positions
  • Helps you gain insight into keyword metrics and trends

Consider all these aspects and then decide on the right keyword ranking tool for your use.

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